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This page is dedicated to my mother: Laurie Ann Hayes


My mom had the flu.... one of our chihuahuas Sweet Pea was comforting her..

Laurie Ann Hayes
My mom is one of the greatest people I know, and im not just saying this because she is my mother...
She is a Pisces like me, so of course she is very caring and loving... She trusts me with my actions and knows I will make the right choice in the end, even if I do have trouble getting there, she directs me in the right direction, but lets me make the choice on whether I want to go there or not....
When I told my mom about my sexuality she was VERY understanding, I knew she would be, that is why I was comfortable about telling her... She also talks with my other friends that are gay, telling them the same thing that I have said, "your mom is going to love you no matter what because you are her son/daughter"
Mom loves to dance, cook, clean *lolz jking*, go shopping, go to the movies, go drive around in her 98 camaro, walk around the mall/town.... gardening, loving her chihuahuas...
I wouldnt trade my mom for ANYONE in the world, I know we have our differences, and we can get on eachothers nerves, but no matter what I do, say, or act... she is my mother and I will ALWAYS love her... No matter what im always going to be there for her, through thick and thin, she isnt just my mother she is my best friend and a sister at heart!
Thank you for always being there for me, for putting up with all my bullshit, im sorry im not the best daughter in the world, but I try... I really do.  I dont mean to do all the things I do... I try to do the best I can, but im not perfect... no one is... I know ive done things that have made you frown, even cry... But I needed to learn on my own, and I did.  Everything is a learning experience, everyday you learn a something new.  Im going to try harder to be better... I promise not to hurt myself physically and mentally anymore.... I promise that ill try not to yell at you, just give me time... I love you mom, you know that, even if I dont say it enough... I do... Thank you for everything
Your Daughter,

Pictures of the Beautiful Home my Mother has put over my head...